# Voting at a polling station?

Voter ID changes voting in person

The UK Government introduced a law that requires voters to produce a photo ID when taking part in some elections. The Voter ID rules are designed to prevent fraudsters casting a vote in someone else's name.

You have to show one form of photo ID before voting at a polling station. If you don't have a valid Voter ID, you won't be able to cast your vote.

Voters must appear on the electoral register. If you don't, register to vote now.

What happens at a polling station?

A poll clerk first checks that the voter is on the polling station register.
A photo ID is requested and checked for type, validity, likeness, and name match against the register.
If the ID is accepted, the voter receives their ballot paper and can cast their vote.

Voters who request private ID checks are accommodated in a sectioned-off area.